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Tile and grout are particularly difficult to clean. Dirt and contaminants build up over time and unfortunately they are not easy to get cleaned with mopping and home cleaning methods. Tile become dull and matte because of dirt and dried soap trapped in the pores.ChicagoTileGroutCleaning

This is where Miami cleaning services come to assist you by quickly removing all dirt and contaminants. With the help of multistage cleaning, special equipment and well trained technicians your will make your porcelain and ceramic surfaces shiny again. Our special technic includes special pre spotting of most difficult areas, hard surface machine cleaning, turbo rinse and steaming. Your tile will have no chance not to look brand new and our special penetrating sealer will be able to protect that look for long time.

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Professionally elaborated 5 stage technic completely changes the appearance of our tile&grout. The unique cleaning system restores the luster to your floors and makes them look like new.

tile and grout commercial cleaning chicago

Five Stages in Tile & Grout Cleaning System:

  • Hard surface pre-spotting with special super-active formula
  • Hard surface cleaning by professional tile & grout cleaning machine
  • High-presure rinse
  • Tile steaming
  • Grout preservation stageTileGroutCleaningChicago

We recommend applying a sealant on your grout after our Tile & Grout Cleaning Service. Once the tile is clean our clear sealant or color sealant protects grout and keeps it looking shiny and sparking. Sealant penetrates the grout surface to form a protective shield against spills and stains. You tile&grout will just look perfect.

Use Also Our Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning Service.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our company provides 20 days guarantee for the tile & grout cleaning. If you feel that your tile&grout does not look perfect after our cleaning session our cleaning team will come over to fix that for free within covered period. We do care about your satisfaction.


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