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Miami Pet Stain & Odor Removal Service. We love your pets also.

Our pets are dear members of our families and we love them a lot. But when pet decides that your new carpet’s the perfect place to relieve himself. In fact if you have your pets living at your home animal odor and stains will be something you will have to struggle permanently as natural odor attract pets to do same things at the same places. We have a solution! Complete rugs, carpets and upholstery stain and odor removal with deodorization. Keep your home at its best with Miami cleaning services.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal System:

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Step 1 – Ultra Light Detection of Affected Areas      

We use special device based on ultra-light to identify even invisible stain and soiled areas which glows and leaves no chance for it be left unnoticed.

Step 2 – Pre-spotting of affected areas with special 2X formula

The affected areas are pretreated with a special formula solution which softly destroys the unnecessary element and therefore kills the source of smell and discoloring. This unique 2X formula does not impact your pets’ life as it is absolutely biodegradable. The solution is free of phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners and heavy metals.

Stage 3 – High Pressure Extraction with the professional innovative equipment.

Unfortunately pets’ urine contains elements which are easily absorbed by fibers and not easy to remove. Home cleaning methods simply do not work. Miami cleaning services is happy to apply our efficient eco-friendly and pet safe technique to revive your home. We use professional most efficient machines equipped with deep reaching brushes which guarantees absolute cleanliness of most affected areas.

Most Difficult Pet Stains Removal

At the worst not only the carpet can be affected by pet urine. Sometimes it goes through and damages the floor. We are ready to offer Marble&Stone restoration and Tile&Grout Cleaning to renew the affected spots. We possess full range of cleaning equipment and auxiliary instruments to provide our services in professional way. In the floor does not require cleaning but only your carpet our team will separate your carpet from the floor with a special pad. We will do spot cleaning of the required spots only.

Guarantee For Pet Stain Removal 

If you feel your home needs to be refreshed from pets urine and stains – call us now and we will schedule a team to solve your issue. Our experienced staff is qualified to find best solutions for your particular cleaning needs.

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