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Brand New Green Carpet Cleaning. 100% eco-friendly.

Miami Carpet Cleaning has developed a totally new way of carpet cleaning which significantly differs from all known traditional methods. The new method does not contain any chemical, toxic or other elements which cause asthma or allergy. The new components used in cleaning will completely satisfy you with perfect cleaning results as well as there is no environment pollution and you don’t have to worry about pesticides, disinfectants and formaldehyde, it just chemical free. Enjoy our new eco-friendly cleaning!


Stay Green With Our Organic Carpet Cleaning Service

Why does Miami Carpet Cleaning excel others in new non-toxic methods of cleaning?

1. The cleaning solution contains only 100% chemical free ingredients; they are totally eco-friendly.

2. Minimum water – only 2.5 gallon. Maximum satisfaction. While cleaning only small amount of water is required. It saves up to 57 gallons of water for one cleaning session. It helps your carpet dry faster as well which affects your carpet condition. During green cleaning treatment we will clean and refresh your carpet, the new nontoxic solution will kill all mold and all unfavorable bacteria, which won’t be able to grow again as we use minimum amount of water to apply not to create those favorable conditions for them.

3. Absolutely NO STAINS will be left after our treatment. Cleaning components do not contain foam and oil. You will be able to assess the complete freshness and beautiful look of your carpet.


Steam is used as the main cleaning solution. We use only professional high efficiency equipment – high pressure (up to 450pci) extractors.


Make Your Room Carpet Greener

Enjoy new 100% green carpet cleaning. Here is the list of ingredients used in preparing our cleaning solutions, which are all chemical free and absolutely nontoxic:

• Water (our hot-water extraction method is based in the use of water)

Hydrogen peroxide


Castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s)

Fresh herbs, citrus, or citrus peels


Natural enzymes

White Vinegar.

Green Carpet Cleaning With The Use of Steam In Miami

When we apply the steaming cleaning method to terminate allergens and deodorize carpets we add natural ingredients into the water. That is why your space will not be affected by harmful chemicals with our organic carpet cleaning service. You, your children and pets can sleep safely in green environment created by our green cleaning team.

Be sure that your beloved family will enjoy true natural cleanliness and freshness of your room. Our steam cleaning method with additional natural components is an unsurpassed way of changing your carpet to a completely new experience. It allows to get rid of allergens and naturally deodorizes your carpet.

The result is guaranteed for 20 days. 

In case if you are not happy with the cleaning results our team will retreat your carpet for free.

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