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Professional Mattress Cleaning in Miami.

Do you often think to have your mattress cleaned considering just how much stuff builds up in and on this soft surface where we spend so much time? Most of the time mattress is the place where dust mites and the dead skin cells feast on, as well as sweat, blood, urine and other bodily fluids, along with mold and mildew growing on those very things. Your mattress might also contain dirt, oils and trace chemicals from various toiletries, and even pollen. A professional Miami mattress cleaning service is happy to help you to get rid of all that.

Our 4 Stages in Mattress Cleaning Process:

1-st stage – Pre-inspection and vacuuming

2-nd stage – Stains removal (like dried blood stains, urine stains and other bodily fluids)

3-rd stage – Shampooing.

4-th stage – high pressure steam extraction (120 pci) and professional upholstery cleaning machine.


Pillows Cleaning Miami Service

We apply the same cleaning procedure to pillows as we do to the mattress cleaning Miami service. Pillows, just like the rest of the textiles in our homes, need occasional cleanings to remove dust, sweat, and oil buildup. Although it may seem easier to just buy new pillows, professional cleaning of them is much cheaper! If your pillows are yellowed or haven’t been thoroughly cleaned in more than 6 months, use our professional pillow cleaning services to completely renew them. You’ll be sleeping happier knowing that you’re resting on fresh fabric!

Bed Bugs In Your Mattress & Pillows

All mattresses are infested with dust mite. The number of them in an average mattress can be terrific – up to 1 million. Any mattress is just a perfect place for them to propagate: recurrent 8 hours warmth, dead skin flakes to eat. Their microscopic droppings contain guanine which is highly allergic to many people; as a matter of fact 80% of asthmatics suffer from the dust mite. i-CarpetCleaning mattress cleaning services is your healthy solution as it is efficient, safe and non-toxic.


We Use Only Top-brand Mattress Cleaning Machines

Bad Bugs, Mites, Bacteria and Germs Elimination

Our Three Step matress cleaning Miami service allows to achieve the complete elimination of all kinds of health harmful



insects. After we finish our professional mattress cleaning Miami service you will sleep easy and safely because your mattress will be absolutely clean, sterilized and deodorized in the most eco-friendly way. Trust professionals and your life will we better.

A professional approach of multi staged cleaning makes your matress to be completely free of any harmful insect. Let us treat your matress so that you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is clean and cared for. We provide a mattress sanitizing, stain removal, deodorizing and sterilizing using eco-friendly technics that effectively make an old mattress new again



Do Not Hesitate. Call Us and Make Your Dreams Healthier. Use Our Mattress Cleaning Chcicago Service.
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