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Leather Furniture Cleaning in Miami

Leather furniture adds to the feeling of comfort and reliability to home place. However cleaning and maintaining such an opulent piece of décor has never been easy. It requires special treatment, where regular wiping cloth won’t help and ammonia-based and bleach cleaners can damage the surface. This is where Miami cleaning service comes to assist your favorite leather piece of furniture.

We are delighted to offer all types of stain removal, restore the original shiny look of your leather furniture that you would never expect. Weuse only safe, professional leather cleaners, moisturizers and protectors to make your leather furniture look like new without any harmful side effects.

Our Leather Furniture Cleaning Approach:

Step 1 – Inspection. We analyze the color and the type of leather (pigmented, aniline, nubuck, and suede), its general condition and age and level of soiling, any visible and invisible (with the help of stain detection light) damages. At this stage we detect the most suitable cleaning method and solutions to be applied to reach the desired result.

Step 2 – Soft cleaning. The entire cleaning process includes dusting the furniture especially between the sofa cushions for any debris, wiping with a soft cloth by hands and applying where needed soft cleaner to wipe out damaging soil. For tough stains and hardly neglected leather we can use cleaning machines designed specifically for leather.

Step 3 – Conditioning. When the cleaning session is almost finished we apply natural wax-based conditioner for best results which helps to keep leather supple and protected. It also fills pores and cracks which are most prone to get dirt so it will keep the shine look for much longer.

Only Top Brand Expensive Cleaning Materials for the Ideal Luster

  • Leather cleaning is a bit complicated process that requires special knowledge and experience, as well as professionalism in choosing right cleaning ingredients for best results. That is why based on our experience we use only certain bran of soaps, which proved their efficiency and do not leave the problem of dehydration after cleaning. The process requires very gently soaps,which contains natural beeswax and not too many petroleum products or solvents. The best ones are wax rather than oil-based. All the materials we use are 100% non-chemical and eco-friendly. The hardly neglected leather furniture which is dried and harsh may require oil coating that will help to restore the original look and at the same time will preserve from damages and small stretches. If you strive on your leather furniture – let professionals take qualified care about it and you will never regret.

We Service The Following Types of Leather Furniture:

  •  Leather Sofa Cleaning

  • Leather Couch Cleaning
  • Leather Chair Cleaning
  • Leather Loveseats Cleaning
  • Leather Recliners Cleaning
  • Leather Armchairs Cleaning
  • Leather Ottomans Cleaning etc
 Office Leather Furniture Cleaning

We also offer Office Leather Furniture Cleaning. We clean leather executive chairs, leather chairs, office leather couches, office leather sofas etc.

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