Commercial Carpet Cleaning Miami Service


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Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning/Maintenance Programs In Miami

How do you care about the image your company? Cleanliness of workspace improves company’s image and safety. Professional cleaning extends the life of your flooring, saving lot of money.


Carpet Cleaning For Your Business

At i-CarpetCleaning Miami cleaning services we are satisfying any of your business needs, always improving and making flexible solutions for our clients. Our client’s satisfaction and timeliness of work are the most important values in commercial cleaning.

Carpets and flooring at your office are usually heavily used because of lot of traffic during working hours. It is actually soiled much worse rather than other office furniture. It affects badly indoor air quality which indirectly impacts on efficiency of your staff labor

Miami cleaning services provide on-site assessment for your particular business needs. Part of our services is to customize recurring services based on your business habits and creating flexible cleaning schedules not to interfere with your business hours.

Our Miami Office Carpet Cleaning Standards

Daily maintenance describes thorough vacuum cleaning of all floors and spotting of any existing spills and stains. Providing vacuum cleaning can remove around 75% of most dirt and soil particles that cause dull look of your floor carpet. Occasional cleaning requires deep extraction to remove hard soil. This can done every 6 months or more often for high traffic zones. Extraction of soil is operated with the professional high pressure cleaning machine, which is due to higher pollution rather than residential. It is also recommended to deodorize and use protective solutions to avoid large numbers of stains and fast soiling.

Our Miami Team Of Professionals

Our team in Miami cleaning services has been trained and qualified to operate our innovative high efficiency cleaning machines to show best results. Our team consists of experienced technicians and supervisors oriented to deliver top level services. We are looking for delivering only perfect first rate commercial carpet cleaning services.

We Use Only Top-brand Carpet Cleaning Machines


Our Modern Cleaning Approaches For Particular Type of Busines

Miami cleaning services recommends hot mater extraction cleaning method.Shaw Industries and Mohawk, who together manufacture more than two-thirds of the world’s carpet, recommend hot water extraction cleaning. In fact it is the most efficient and safe technic to clean your carpet and make it eco-friendly by killing allergens and other harmful particles. We are able to provide spot cleaning for heavily soiled carpet areas with a specially designed intensive local cleaning machine. Our team of supervisors will provide immediate on-site recommendation to apply particularly in your case with your business needs.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning 4 Step Procedure:

1. Soil removal by power vacuuming

2. Conditioning and pre spotting with 2x formula.

3. Steam extraction. We use a special professional high pressure machine (up to 450 pci) which destroy and removes soil and harmful particles in seconds. 

4. Deodorizing and carpet protecting. We apply professional strength deodorizers to remove the source of undesired smell and protective shield will assist your carpet to resist stains, spills and any other wear and tear.

5. Drying. We apply special system of multiple fans to make the drying process fast and easy.

Your commercial carpet drying time varies between 50-240 minutes depending on the area.

Use our commercial cleaning services:

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