Area Rug Cleaning Miami Service


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At i-Carpet Cleaning, we always want to improve our professional area rug cleaning Miami services. That is why we use only top brand cleaning equipment to treat your area rugs. Our experienced technicians will be carefully processing your rug until it gets its perfect state. Just completely clean rug will make our experts satisfied.

We are oriented to achieve only best results and clients` satisfaction providing our services. At Miami cleaning services we are using only best quality professional equipment to clean your carpets. Our team is qualified to deliver best cleaning services. Give your rug another chance to shine up and make you feel surprised.

Area Rug Cleaning Miami Services are the following:

  • Area rug cleaning: we use steam as the main method of delicate rug cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Area rug cleaning  (shampoo deep cleaning service) (only organic shampooers are used)
  • Shampooing (deep cleaning that removes heavy soil and other particles of dirt)
  • Stain removal (including the most difficult containing tannic acid like wine spills, clothing discoloring, food sauces or medicine solutions with high acid levels)
  • Area rug pet urine and waste, such as feces and vomit & odor removal by special 2x formula.
  • Scotch guard fiber protection from stains.


We Accept The Following Area Rug types:    

  • Pakistani area rugs
  • Silk area rugs
  • Afghani area rugs
  • Moroccan area rugs
  • Moroccan area rugs
  • Turkish area rugs
  • Antique  area rugs
  • Persian area rugs
  • Indian area rugs
  • Dhurrie are rugs


 We use high quality modern carpet cleaning machines for rug cleaning.

Our 5 Stage Area Rug Cleaning Process

  • Rug assessment. Your rug is thoroughly inspected for general condition, color stability, any stains and existing damages to treat your carpet in the most careful way.
  • Vacuuming of both sides of the rug. Any carpet cleaning starts with proper dust and other physical particles removal.
  • Pre-spotting of stains and heavily soiled areas. We use only best professional pre sprayal solutions.
  • Shampooing. This step assures a deep cleaning by agitating and suspending the dirt particles.
  • High-pressure Steam Extraction. Only professional rug cleaning high pressure machine machine is used (up to 450 pci)
  • Grooming. It straightens the rug fibers and helps your rug to look appealing.
  • Deodorization. Your carpet will have only pleasant natural odors.


Same Place Rug Cleaning Service

Miami carpet cleaning provides site service. We save your time and don’t bother you with after service deliveries. We do the whole cleaning process right at your home.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for the rug services we provide. You are eligible to have another rug cleaning within guaranteed period in case you are not satisfied with the cleaning result.

Give us a call and enjoy the difference with Area Rug Cleaning Miami Services.

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