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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Breath new life into your carpet. It deserves it.

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Upholstery Cleaning

We will give your beloved furniture the look it had the first day you bought it.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Do you think your tile is clean? You won't believe the difference.

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Mattress & Pillows Cleaning

Bed bugs? Allergens? Let us deal with them.

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Leather Cleaning

Your dull & colorless leather can live a second life. We can do it.

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Drapery & Blinds Cleaning

Don't breath dust and allergens accumulated on your drapery and blinds.

Miami Carpet Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning & Mattress Cleaning Service

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Why Do We Do Our Job?

We are really passionate about what we do. Perfect cleaning is a way of changing the look of things which surround us and creating comfort. We are always seeking better cleaning techniques; we are always developing our methods and increasing level of our service. Lately the issue about pollution of environment has been seriously touched and to be up to the standards for the last 5 years we major in effective organic cleaning solutions. That is why we are ready to provide best cleaning results in the safest ways. We apply only biodegradable cleaning formulas and innovative professional equipment.

We are established to create a difference.

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning & Furniture Cleaning Services In Miami

Our cleaning company service covers greater part of Miami. We are pleased to assist your residential or commercial spaces to become clean and tidy with our effective and green cleaning methods. We offer same day service so you will not have to wait for your treatment for days. It will be scheduled immediately to meet any of your requirements, either residential rug cleaning or restaurant tile cleaning. In case you require many different services we are delighted to offer discounts and provide some extra services for free.

Green cleaning services and non-toxic chemical free services are in demand nowadays. Do you want to make your home or work place cleaner and safer? We are ready to be your companion. We offer absolutely eco-friendly cleaning of your carpets, mattress, furniture, blinds, furniture or drapery. Our cleaning methods use exceptionally natural solutions like hot water and steam, which have natural sanitizing and deodorizing effects, provide perfect cleaning results and leave no chemical residue after treatment. 

Carpet Cleaning in Miami, Rug Cleaning and Furniture Cleaning 

Carpet Cleaning by Experts

Our team of professional cleaners uses only modern high tech equipment and up-to-date carpet cleaning techniques. We apply a multistage cleaning process which allows getting the best surprising results. Along with the newest formulas and pretreatment biodegradable solutions we are representing the latest trends in organic carpet cleaning. Our main target is to get best cleaning results using only eco-friendly techniques. We work for you and people dear to you.

Rug Cleaning Miami Services

Any rug is treated delicately and thoroughly as if it were ours. In most homes area rugs are one of the most favorite places for children to play their toys. Since we completely take the responsibility of safety and harm protection we have developed the multistage area rug cleaning service especially for you. It helps to remove any kind of allergens. We do provide restoration and reviving services for your rugs. Same place service is offered as the most convenient and consumes minimum of your time.

Furniture Cleaning Miami Services

Our qualified team of professionals provides furniture cleaning services. With the use of two stage cleaning procedure we are able to remove any stains and return your furniture to its almost brand new condition. Modern eco-friendly cleaning technique is eliminating allergens, bed bugs and dust mites from your couches, sofas and other upholstered furniture.

Leather Cleaning Miami Services

Miami carpet cleaning restores faded and dull leather sofas and other leather furniture. We apply top class leather cleaning and conditioning solutions to get the best possible results. Also there is a wide range of color restorers available which helps us to rejuvenate your leather furniture. Order our Leather cleaning service and let your furniture enjoy a new life again.

Tile & Grout Miami Services

Miami cleaning offers a unique tile & grout cleaning by our qualified team of professionals. The revolutionary cleaning method and innovative cleaning equipment clean your tiles to brand new condition. Our multistage cleaning process completely eliminates dirt, stains and bacteria from your tile & grout. No need to buy new tiles as we can clean them and make them look like new. See the before and after pictures.

Mattress Cleaning Miami Services

Our professional team provides complete cleaning of matrasses and pillows. At i-carpetcleaning we apply 4 stage cleaning process which consists of shampooing, hot-water extraction, steaming and UV light treatment. With this technique we get the best cleaning results along with absolute elimination of allergens, bodily fluids and even pollen. Sleep well on the mattress professionally treated by our experts.

From Carpet Cleaning to Commercial Furniture Cleaning Services In Miami:

We would like to present to you other professional cleaning services (*click on the word if you are interested):

Miami Cleaning Corporate Moto

Every project is different, every client is special.

Our values are to provide best quality cleaning service at every particular case and to be client oriented at every order. We value our customers.

100% customer guarantee satisfaction

We guarantee your satisfaction by setting guarantees for our Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Leather Furniture Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning Services and other cleaning services. I-CarpetCleaning Miami cleaning is focused to satisfy all your needs because only you make us different and only you can help us to improve the quality of our services i-carpetcleaning in Miami is the choice you will never regret.

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